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What does wonder look like in a person? (2 responses)

I just awakened in San Jose, Costa Rica in a bedroom overlooking lush tropical trees in 20 shades green and as many varieties, emerging through a foggy morning and low cumulous clouds to reveal a mountain in the near distance. The sky was a crystal blue and the houses topped by the trees were peach with orange tiled roofs - quite Mediterranean. This was a remarkable tableau. It looked quite like a painting. My eyes widened and my hand shot up to cover my open mouth. "How beautiful!" I said, to no one. "Thank you," I said to God.

wonder is the five year old in all of us, learning something new for the first time, eyes huge with amazement, mouths wide open, shoulders raised. we have questions: some of us shout them out as children. for others, our minds are swirling thought clouds. as we age, we censor ourselves. but when something wonder-ful and awe inspiring presents itself to us, our five year old selves emerge, eyes bright. we cannot help ourselves.

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