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What does responsibility look like in a person? (1 response)

I am not sure that it looks like anything. When a person accepts that he (or she) is responsible for his own actions or lack of action, he (or she) also accepts a number of things: 1. He (She) knows the "right" and/or "wrong" of his (or her) action or lack of same. 2. He (She) accepts responsibility for his (or her) actions, and as such recognizes where the praise or blame falls. 3. He (She) accepts blame and/or praise for his (or her) actions (lack of action?) and moves on. It was comfortable for me to accept praise for "right action" only when I was willing to accept blame for "wrong action". To my way of thinking inaction when I "knew" the actions being performed were "wrong" was no more acceptable than when I was performing an action that I knew was "wrong".

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