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What does compassion look like in a person? (4 responses)

Compassion is merging yourself into others so that you instinctively understand what others need of you and instinctively respond by giving to others what they need.

Giving in obedients of repect to those who have taught you about .. Everyone loving unconditionaly.. without reservations.

Compassion is about putting myself in the other person's shoes, trying to feel their pain and anxiety, then deciding: How would I want to be treated if I was the other person. I then treat the other person they I would like to be treated under the same circumstances. Compassion is also The Golden Rule!

A compassionate person would be somebody who, underneath everything else they recognize other people's needs and they do their best to care for that person and make sure those needs are met. That would include a need for friendship or love. It's a person who enjoys making others happy and feel loved.

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