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What does compassion look like in a society? (2 responses)

Compassion is empathey, caring, love, and morality. Compassion is feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, caring for the poor. Compassion is all the little tasks you do for ones you love like picking up the toys that Little One leaves in a trail, or comforting Sister after an argument, encouraging Friend in an endevor, or just making sure that all your loved ones know how much you care. Compassion is reaching out to those you know, and strangers. It is imagining your feelings in someone else's situation and acting to make them feel better.

I see compassion in the tent city that the church across the street has established. I see compassion in the canned food and goods drive that our school supports and watching as the days go by and the boxed of goods overflow. I see compassion in how my sister treats all the little critters she finds around the house and yard, the way she nutures her plants and watches over the pets. And the most compassionate thing I think one can give, is to give up something you want knowing that others will appreciate it more or hoping it will give them joy when that is scarce in their lives.

A compassionate society would be one where the people in it care about the others and they aren't only concerned about finding a better position for themselves. They want everyone's life to be better, and they are willing to work hard and spend lots of time and effort making sure that no one is being left out from any of the good aspects of their society or community. It is the individuals who are the base of it because they are the ones making sure that the whole society is set up in a way that supports everyone.

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