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What does faith look like in a person? (3 responses)

I believe faith is believing before seeing...knowing in my heart that something is going to happen before ever seeing 'proof' that it will...I also believe that faith is vital in my life because how can I expect something to happen if I do not believe it to be so? Faith is the center of my life in Jesus Christ...my faith in Him and Who He is...and my faith in His promises have carried me through the most difficult times.

I think that faith does look a person like a child, because, the children believe in all that them hear, don't need explanations, they only believe
That is faith, our hope and security in something that is.

I will represent faith in person as a very beautiful maiden, standing before a young man, madly in love with her. In his moment of despair and hardship, given him reasons to live, persist and continue striving, cause she believes in him. Helping him bring out the best he is yet to discover.

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