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What does humility look like in a society? (2 responses)

humility in society, there are few people, most people there is ambition, there is corruption, then where is the humility ?. if all of us to help all the poor, and not think we would be alone in a society as well.

Humility, by nature of its self-realization, honesty and concern for others, could not help but effect a society at every level if it was true of the majority of its members. Having said that, it seems to be too true of humans that power corrupts the most well-meaning among us. True humility demands the laying down of power, or, at least, the setting aside of it for the benefit of those living without even the barest thread of power. In human history, has that ever been true from the bottom to the top of any culture or society? In indigenous histories, those smaller, less powerful cultures, it seems to be possible. But with increased world power and influence, humility suffers its greatest defeats, leaving the humblest among it to the whims of power.

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