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What does independence look like in a person? (3 responses)

For me the indenpedicia is an extremely important virtue because it has people which are indendientes not depend on others know how to do things and learning a lot of the environment they live in and around them and always have an answer for everything also they are trained for any situacionn

A independent person can go along with the group and the crowd. But they are able to learn from that environment to improve themselves. They are able to tolerate being away from the group. And choose to something outside the group without fear of loss. Independence also means doing the right thing. A person who has true independence is never dependent on others opinions. The consider them, but on the basis of merit. They do the right thing consistently and immediately without hesitation. Their life is a decisive one.

Someone who does not loose them self in a crowd, doesn't follow too closely the group. A person who can find their own beauty and be quite with them self.

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