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Daily Wisbit

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Start the day right. Receive a bit of wisdom daily sent to your email address. Or, subscribe to the RSS feed with a reader of your choice.

Print a Poster

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Love that quote? Click and print an 8½ x 11 poster for your cubicle or classroom wall.

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My Wisdom Page

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Store favorite bits of wisdom in your own personal wisdom page with a single click. Share your wisdom page with others or keep it private.

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My Seven

Vote for Seven Virtues
Which virtues matter most to you? Choose seven and make them grow in the cloud on the home page. They'll show on you're Wisdom Page. Why this seven? Rank them and comment.


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Comment on any wisbit. Join a deeper conversation about virtues in action: What do they look like in an individual? How about in a society?

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Character Corner

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Musings, quotes and character tips by Wisdom Commons site founder Valerie Tarico.

Inspiring Gifts

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T-shirts, magnets, custom greeting cards from your collection, books of top rated content, Wisdom Commons logo jewelry? Who knows. You tell us. The Wisdom Commons is not for profit, so the point here is to provide things that speak to you and start conversations.