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If waking up depended on you making decisions based on whether something ‘feels good’, you would have woken up lifetimes ago. The changes that need to be made in order for the awakening to occur, don’t usually ‘feel good’, I assure you! Not until after the awakening do you appreciate the event's characteristics.

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who would want to be somebody nowhere when they can be nobody everywhere?

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Your brother is sinless. The characterization is not who he is! Imagine your prefer his sinlessness ...... you could save each other a lot of time.

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Your fascination with differences will keep you from your awakening

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You are not bound by laws of the physical world. Actually, it is only an idea that you are here in time. Just a thought

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When you find the willingness to bring everything to the light, you will find the willingness to love.

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When do dreamers stop dreaming? When they want to! When do you wake up? When you want to! You get the result of your choices, what you are willing for!

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God's Voice will teach you everything you need to know

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You were created awake, you were born asleep

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Serve the One Who is helping you to wake up: the Holy Spirit.

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