Carlos J. Diaz, Sr.
Location: NY, United States
Traditions: Buddhism, Interfaith, Freethought
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I am constantly rewarded in ways which others may see as insignificant or meaningless because they place no value in the everyday experiences they could be learning from. (From "Why I chose Unrelenting Resilience" in the life stories tab below)

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Encouraging and uplifting others is a core strength
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I’ve not been more of a slave to myself than in those moments where I have benevolently elevated someone else; placing them on a pedestal so high that they could not easily reach low enough to recover their humility afterward. I am now resting, assured of myself that I will not want to do this again if it is not with my own spirit. My love for all those whom I’ve done this with is now strong enough to see them raise themselves instead as I remain detached. In doing this I set myself free; no longer a slave to my own senses, but with an ever loving and reverent spirit!

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Asking what is wrong with the world may not be as important as asking yourselves what could be wrong with your perceptions and how to reconcile them with the world.

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