Location: Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Traditions: Christianity, Humanism, Universal Ethics, Zen, Daoism, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta.
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Seek and you will find. - Jesus Christ

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Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, Process philosophy, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Personal identity, Analytical psychology, History, Comparative religion.
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We all carry around these delusions about ourselves: "I can't be happy," "I'm worthless," "I'm hopeless..." These are all delusions caused by things we experience. Even our conception of God, the almighty himself, is a delusion. God is not just somewhere, someplace. God is within, God is a state of mind. The opposite of the godlike state of mind, better known as Cosmic-consciousness, is the devilish state of mind. This state of mind is fueled by what is known to the Sufi's as the "Nafs," the Ego. When our ego kicks in we begin to think all these insane things such as "I'm better or I'm worse," "I'm something or I'm nothing." It's the game of black and white, it's "us" versus "them." It's life. We need to listen to the sounds of life as one listens to music.

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If a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, and Daoist all sat together talking, they would discuss the idea of what Saint Paul dubs "Agape" or the Love of God. The men who follow the Dharmic religions would call it "Metta." The Muslim would call it "Ishq-e Haqīqi." The Daoist would call it "Jian Ai" or something similar in nature. The Jew would call it "Chesed." Love is the goal of all religious teaching. God is not exclusive.

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Religion is not about rituals and rites of worship. True religion is about God being within you. God is the lamp that dwells in our hearts, see yourself as the universe and you'll say "Hey, that's me!" We are far more greater beings than we make ourselves out to be.

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People who wake up from the creative illusion of their ego are emanations of God in our present world. The divine is meant to be lived, not worshipped. We are divine in the sense that we, as human beings, came from the starting essence of the universe... The essence of the universe is called many things by many cultures. Putting names aside, this essence, this starting point, is deep, deep down within us. It is our innermost dreams and wishes, it is our outer emotions... It is who we really are. Now, "waking up" may seem at first like doing nothing at all. All beings have the ability to awaken.

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We need to ask ourselves a question: do we want strict tradition in witch people live deeply rooted in the past or do we want change in witch people can continue and modify their traditions? The fight for the right to think, for the right to change but still keep your customs and beliefs alive, for the right to adapt, express yourself, and have a sense of individuality. That's why I agree. If we didn't think we would be walking husks of nothing letting people tell us how to live our lives. In today's society that simply wont do.

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An alcoholic knows no boundries.

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