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Traditions: Humanism, Universal Ethics, Freethought, secularism, scientific inquiry
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There are three types of people in this world: Those who make things happen, Those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.

What I'm About

A long time ago, I decided that the meaning of life was to make the world around me better in whatever way I could, small or large. I've always wanted to be a healer and a positive contributor to society. My life philosophy is inspired by the following... more
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Anyone who has given love will live on in another’s heart.

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Think like a person of Action. Act like a person of Thought.

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Gracie: "Don’t give up, Blanche. Women don’t do that. Look at Betsy Ross, Martha Washington—they didn’t give up. Look at Nina Jones." Blanche Morton: "Nina Jones?" Gracie: "I’ve never heard of her either, because she gave up.

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Time is the greatest thief in life.

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Many teachers think of children as immature adults. It might lead to better and more 'respectful' teaching, if we thought of adults as atrophied children.

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The Ascent of Humanity
by Charles Eisenstein
Page Chapter 7
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You should never go to a meeting or make a telephone call without a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

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Openview Blog
Brian Carthas
"Words of Wisdom from Steve Jobs: Have a Goal in Mind"
Viewed on December 29, 2011
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Quitting is not an option but resting is.

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A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs -- jolted by every pebble in the road.

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There are two kinds of truth: the truth that lights the way and the truth that warms the heart. The first of these is science, and the second is art. Neither is independent of the other or more important than the other. Without art science would be as useless as a pair of high forceps in the hands of a plumber. Without science art would become a crude mess of folklore and emotional quackery. The truth of art keeps science from becoming inhuman, and the truth of science keeps art from becoming ridiculous.

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All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day.

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Brainy Quote
Franklin P. Jones
"Franklin P. Jones"
Viewed on July 30, 2011
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