What I'm About

IT Pro, but Musician in my heart of hearts. Skeptical by nature, love science and philosophy. My beliefs have gone from opposite poles! Was a fundamentalist Christian, left that to company with Atheists, Freethinkers, etc. Read the obligatory Dawkins/Dennett/Harris/Hitchens. Have sought for a long time to develop a theme or unifying principle to describe my beliefs and mission. Though it's served me well, IT is an ancillary concern to me and my life purpose. I am a musician (though I've been on sabbatical from writing and performing for about five years). I am a fingerstyle guitarist, songwriter and vocalist (though my vocal chops are not at all where they should be). I am trying to get back in touch with that creative core (a huge struggle) I am also interested in writing a novel based on my years in a fundamentalist cult. Seeking now to finish my degree (at the tender age of 45). Not finding it easy to balance this with my heart's desires.