What I'm About

There is no prosperity without peace. There is no security without justice. Non-violence and fairness are sorely needed in our world today. If I can contribute even a small amount toward ending war and reducing injustice, that would be a legacy worth fighting for. Don't let yourself be fooled by passing feelings, no matter how strong. Nor be misled by so-called expert authority. Obey little, resist much, question everything, even this. True wisdom comes only after many trials and errors; after much thought and experiment. Science, art, compassion and reason are my guides on this wondrous and exciting journey we call life. We have the whole universe to explore. Why would we possible want more? Animals have rights just like people. Dogs and cats have the right not to be tortured, killed and eaten. So also with all other animals. Animal agriculture and factory farms are polluting the air, soil and water, increasing catastrophic climate disasters & destroying our amazing planet. Peace!