What I'm About

The last dozen years, I have been blessed to find a true calling - challenging to my scientific mind and to my habits of reticence and isolation. I study the evolutionary biology of aging. We don't "wear out" with age. There is evidence from genetics and breeding experiments that living things actively destroy themselves. Aging and death are a genetic program. The implications are profound, both for pure science and for medicine. For evolutionary theory: this kills the "selfish gene" picture of natural selection that has dominated evolutionary theory for 80 years. Evolution is about cooperation every bit as much as competition. Entire ecosystems are "designed" by natural selection for stability. For medical research: It will not be difficult to slow the human aging process with medical interventions. But we will have to discard the idea of "natural" remedies. Instead of "working with" the body we will have to trick the body, and defeat the aging program.